Tenor and Bass parts for Adiemus

Soprano 1 Adiemus, grades 4-12

Adiemus S1 grades 11 & 12

Johhny I Hardly Knew Ye

Johnny, alto and S2.MOV

Johnny, Bass parts.

Soprano 1 Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye

Tenor part Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye.MOV

Make Them Hear You

Alto & Soprano 2 Make Them Hear You

Bass parts for Make Them Hear You

Soprano 1 part Make Them Hear You

(Jr, Chorister and Sop. 1 here)

Tenor parts to Make Them Hear You

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite/Take Care of this House

Alto & Soprano 2 Take Care of This House

Bass part Take Care of this House

Take Care of This House, Soprano 1

You'll Never Walk Alone

Alto & Soprano 2 You’ll Never Walk Alone

Bass parts You’ll Never Walk

Junior Chamber and Choristers You’ll Never Walk Alone

Tenor part You’ll Never Walk Alone

🎶 Recordings 🎶             

This page contains recordings of other choirs that CDYC singers can use to rehearse during the week. These recordings were chosen for their healthy choral sound to provide a good model for CDYC. Members are encouraged to listen to these recordings and practice their music during the week.

Total Group

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite
Take Care of This House 

On the YouTube video, the part where we sing with the orchestra starts about 4’37”.  You can slide the fast forward to that point and the choral part starts shortly after that.  The difficulty will be for the trebles when the VC gets the melody!! Give it a try!


The VC part is not on this recording, but it will help with text) for the Talent Gala and SPAC

Bonse Aba

Shut De Do

Choristers & Junior Chamber

Alexander's Ragtime Band

Can You Hear Me?

Keep Your Hand On That Plow
(recording level is low - turn up the volume)

Junior & Senior Chamber

Voice Change

Sinner Man